How to be at Your Best While Traveling

Last week I was on business travel and stayed in a midtown hotel in a large city the entire week. Staying fit and maintaining a healthy diet is a challenge when traveling. Here are some tips to help you maintain your fitness, eat well, and enjoy your trip more when you’re away from home:

1) Improvise an exercise routine. If you are limited in what you can pack, be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes. You can wear them for exercise, for meetings, and for going out. If the place you’re staying does not have a gym or has a limited gym, you can exercise in your room using a high-intensity interval training such as the New York Times’ Scientific Seven-Minute Workout.

2) Visit a local grocery store or market. Some fruits keep well, even without refrigeration. Apples, bananas, and oranges can keep a few days without being refrigerated. Ask your concierge for directions to the nearest grocery store or even better, visit a local market, and stock up on fresh fruits, nuts, and other healthy food choices early in your trip. Visiting a local market will not only give you access to the freshest locally grown foods, you’ll also soak up some of the culture of the place you’re visiting.

3) Practice Radical Acceptance.┬áMost importantly, it’s a good attitude that makes the biggest difference in staying at our best when we’re away from home. When traveling, the truth is you will probably eat in ways you don’t usually eat, not be able to enjoy your usual exercise routine, and maybe not sleep as well being in a different bed perhaps in a different time zone. But it is also equally true that you will quickly return to your familiar routine when you’re back home. Rather than lamenting what you’re missing from home, embracing the concept of radical acceptance would have you accept what you cannot change and enjoy the positive aspects of travel – exploring new places, meeting new people, learning new things that will make you better for the experience when you return home.IMAG0360

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